My experience on Wikipedia

wikBefore writing an article on Wikipedia, I did not really know how the community on it was. I always use Wikipedia to look for some argument, and I always appreciate their contained. For me, it represents an easy and fast alternative to the encyclopaedia.

I think that many experts that write on different subjects in informed way compose the community of Wikipedia. I always thought that the knowledge in Wikipedia was true.

Now that I know a little be more this community, I still believe in that.

Why? I tried to put in Wikipedia my content about club book that is a very important hobby for me. I described how the club book is manage. I wrote about the place, the schedule, and the moderetor.

After 10 seconds that i put my text online a member of community of Wikipedia wrote me that my content was not encyclopedic content. Therefore he deleted it.

I understand that the peolpe on Wikipedia are so active, and they check all the time the contents that people put inside that network.

I believe that the products inside are really realible.




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